Contact Me

To ask a question or make a purchase, simply fill out the Contact Form below. I manage all art sales personally and am happy to answer any questions prior to confirming the sale. Please get in touch and remember to include the artwork title in your email.

If you would like to work together please either fill out the contact form or contact me directly at

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What happens after I send through my purchase request?
    Katherine receives an email alert that you would like to purchase an artwork. She will create a paypal invoice and email this directly to you, along with the shipping & delivery details. All payments are completed securely via paypal. Paypal immediately notifies Katherine once payment is completed.
    (Find out more information about paying via paypal here).
  2. What happens after I’ve completed the payment?
    Your artwork will be securely packaged and shipped within 7 business days. Katherine will email you confirmation of shipment and the tracking details.
    (Find out more about tracking your parcel here.)
  3. Why is there no ‘buy now’ button?
    Katherine found with her previous website that clients enjoyed the process of contacting her and discussing the artwork prior to purchasing. This is because buying art for your home, your office or as a gift is a personal experience. Plus she loves getting to know the people who are interested in her art.
  4. What are valid forms of payment?
    Any debit or credit card will work. You don’t need to have your own paypal account either, the paypal invoice sent to you will allow you to pay directly online and is a secure payment method (i.e. your card details are protected). A direct debit bank transfer is also possible.
    (Find out more about paypal security here).
  5. How does shipping work? Do you ship internationally?
    New Zealand shipping is completed via NZ Post or a reputable courier company. Internationally shipping is available, please contact me to discuss options.